Saturday, 26 March 2016

Playing with paper

I used to do a lot of scrapbooking and altered art, but then life happened and I drifted away from it. I've tried other crafts but there always seemed to be limits to what I could do with them, how creative I could be. Recently I started to dabble in polymer clay after being inspired by some fantastic artists, and it's a great medium to work with and no end to the things you can make with it (as long as you have the technical ability!). But I missed getting my hands covered in ink and paint, turning a piece of old junk into something amazing just by applying the right embellishments to give it a new lease of life. So I went back through my old blog reading list in search of something to kick my creative arse into gear and came across this site's Moodboard challenge:

In addition to the gorgeous colour palate, the 'Dream on' phrase really sparked something for me. I've spent the last year and a half chasing an old dream and things aren't turning out as I'd hoped. So maybe it's time to stop dreaming and awaken to the new possibilities that are out there:


  1. wow stunning Creation. You resspect the Moodboard challenge. Thanks for playing with Mixed Media Place.

  2. Such gorgeous texture and color! Thank you for taking part in the Mixed Media Place Challenge!

  3. Very soft and beauty!
    Thanks for playing with Mixed Media Place!

  4. What lightness and beauty! Thank you from MMP!